Taco Wars Festival

Taco Wars Festival

Saturday, Apr 27, 2024


Taco Wars is the Ark-La-Tex's biggest taco festival, featuring local taquerias plus treat vendors and live music! This year, taquerias will compete for Best Taco and Best Salsa and you get to experience it all! Here's how you participate:

Buy Food & Drink Tickets. (1 Ticket = $1).
The only way to purchase food and drink at Taco Wars is with paper Tickets. Each ticket can be purchased for one dollar. Tacos usually cost between 2 and 5 tickets each. Taco prices are set by the taquerias. Waters will cost 1 ticket, sodas will cost 3 tickets, and alcoholic beverages cost between 6 tickets (for some beers) to 12-15 tickets for margaritas. Tickets are NOT refundable once purchased, but you can always buy more if you need them! Cash and card will be accepted to purchase Food & Drink Tickets.

Pick Up Your Salsa Voting Token (FREE).
Each guest is entitled to receive a Best Salsa Voting Token. This token will allow you one vote for best salsa. The winner of best salsa competition wins $500 cash! Salsas are available to taste free-of-charge. All guests must be present in-person to receive their Salsa Voting Token.

Trade Tickets for Tacos, Drinks, and Merchandise.
Take your Food & Drink Tickets to any vendor at Taco Wars and trade your tickets for tacos, snacks, water, soda, adult beverages, and merchandise. A full menu of tacos, snacks, and drinks will be available online prior to the event.

Taste Salsas and Vote for Your Favorite.
Taste as many salsas as you like and drop your token in the voting box of your favorite.

Eat More Tacos, Listen to Music, and Eat Snacks
Take your time and enjoy your tacos, go listen to spectacular live music, grab a drink, and make the rounds all over again!

But Wait… How is Best Taco Selected?
Each taqueria must submit one taco from their Taco Wars menu for consideration for the Best Taco competition. The award for Best Taco is judged by a group of guest judges from across the South. To rule out favoritism, no judge is from the Shreveport area.

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