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July 31, 2023

Annual Day of Tribute
Tuesday, August 1, 2023

On World Lung Cancer Day next Tuesday, we will hold our annual Day of Tribute to honor those courageous individuals who are living with or have lost their lives because of lung disease. Your tribute gift helps ensure their stories of survival and their legacies are never forgotten by funding research and treatments that will save precious lives in the future.

Please make a donation to honor the journey of every American impacted by lung disease.
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Your tribute gift helps people like…

Thanks in part to an experimental chemotherapy drug, Susan has been off treatment for her lung cancer for five years. Research into the newest treatments - like we spearhead at the Lung Association––saves lives.

A Lung Association billboard promoting lung scans prompted Diane, who’d quit smoking 12 years prior, to sign up for a scan. Though the doctors found lung cancer, the early detection and treatments saved Diane’s life––and she’s now cancer-free.

Give in tribute of a loved one
Your tribute donation not only honors the journeys of lung disease patients––those we’ve lost and those still living––your gift also funds the cutting-edge research, treatments and services that help make a life-saving impact on millions of lives.

Please join our annual Day of Tribute:

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