American Lung Association News - New Report Reveals Promising Trends in Lung Cancer Survival

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November 14, 2023

Lung Cancer Survival Rates Improve for All

The American Lung Association's latest report on lung cancer across the country is now available. This year's "State of Lung Cancer" report reveals that lung cancer survival rates are improving for everyone, including people of color. See how your state compares.

Lung Cancer In Your State

Key Findings from the Report:

- The five-year lung cancer survival rate for people of color has increased by 17% in the last two years.
- Close to 238,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year.
- Lung cancer can often be treated with surgery if it is diagnosed at an early stage and has not spread.
- Lung cancer screening continues to save lives across the nation.

Support Lung Cancer Screening

Far too many people are not getting screened for cancer when they should, leading to more preventable deaths. Join us by asking your members of Congress to improve access and raise awareness of lung cancer screening for those at high risk.

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