American Lung Association News - What My Mom’s Diagnosis Taught Me

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December 18, 2023

Dear Friend,

We never saw my mom’s lung cancer diagnosis coming. She hasn't smoked a day in her life, but our family was still one of the 653 people who received life-changing news that day in 2018. We learned a lot together through her treatment, both about ourselves and about lung cancer.

As a Respiratory Therapist, I knew the statistics. Although my mom’s cancer progressed all the way to stage 4, lung cancer isn’t always a death sentence. Thankfully, her treatments are working: This year, we’ll celebrate our fifth holiday together since her diagnosis.

The American Lung Association’s donor-supported research is key to developing life-saving treatments. That’s why I’m grateful that a generous sponsor is matching all gifts, up to $105,000, through the end of the year. Please join me in giving hope to the 653 people who will receive a lung cancer diagnosis today and double your impact for new treatments and cures. Will you make a gift today?

Yes I’ll Donate Now

It was only after we got Mom’s diagnosis that I realized just how important it is to raise money for lung health and lung cancer research. These dollars are where most researchers get the funds to continue making strides against the disease.

My mom’s cancer journey taught me to have hope that more cancer journeys will have happy endings. With our support, the American Lung Association can help make that hope a reality.

So, Friend, I’ll ask again: Will you help me honor the 653 people who will get the same diagnosis today that my mom did in 2018? Your donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $105,000.

Thanks for giving whatever you can. It means the world to families like mine.

-- Sarah A. LUNG FORCE Hero American Lung Association