American Lung Association October News: RSV, Clinical Trials, Fall Allergies, Asthma Education

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October 19, 2023

All About RSV
Respiratory syncytial (sin?SISH?uhl) virus, or RSV, is a common virus causing cold?like symptoms. However, RSV can be serious and even life?threatening for certain high-risk groups. Take some time now to understand RSV and how it may affect you and your loved ones.

RSV in Infants & Children: Symptoms and diagnosis of RSV, including when to see a doctor and symptoms that require urgent care. RSV in Adults: Take the quiz to find out if you may be at an increased risk of serious illness from RSV. RSV Prevention & Treatment: Learn about the RSV vaccine and options to help protect infants and toddlers.
Clinical Trials: Q&A With Dr. Hill
We sat down with David Hill, MD, the director of clinical research at Waterbury Pulmonary Associates, to discuss the biggest questions about clinical trials, including who should consider a clinical trial and how they work. Read the interview.
An Allergist Shares Tips on Fighting Fall Allergies
Dr. Jose Arias, an allergist and clinical immunologist for children and adults, tells us how to get through the fall allergy season, and offers advice on improving indoor air quality. Read more.

Top Lung News
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More Lung News
Asthma Resources for Patients and Health Professionals

Asthma Basics Course
Asthma Basics is a free, interactive course offered in English and Spanish with updated content, videos and new interactive features. It covers the importance of an asthma action plan, how to recognize and manage triggers, as well how to recognize and respond to a breathing emergency. Learn more and register. Continuing education credit available for healthcare professionals.
Asthma Educator Institute Virtual Course: December 12, 13 & 15
Our national Asthma Educator Institute virtual live course is a preparatory course for the NBRC Asthma Educator Specialist (AE?C) exam and provides guidelines?based asthma education following the current NHLBI EPR?3 standard of care. Our course runs from approximately 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. MT each day and features expert faculty speakers from the Western region. Registration deadline is December 8. Learn more and register before November 12 to get the early bird rate. Contact us at [email protected] with your questions.
New Asthma Management Guidelines: A Review for Healthcare Professionals
The new Asthma Management Guidelines: A Review for Healthcare Professionals course is a free, one?hour training designed to provide the latest information on asthma diagnosis and management. Topics include Stepwise Therapy, Single Maintenance and Reliever Therapy (SMART), and severe asthma. This course offers 1.0 CME/CEU and is ideal for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and respiratory therapists. Learn more and register.
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Help Protect Yourself from Dust and Other Allergens
Dust, allergens, odors and poor air quality can make day to day activities challenging especially for those with lung disease. RZ Industries believes in The American Lung Association’s mission to support healthy lungs and clean air by providing a comfortable & reusable air filtration mask that looks as good as it performs, ensuring you aren't slowed down by poor air quality. RZ Industries is now donating $1 to the Lung Association for every mask sold. Sign up today for an exclusive giveaway for Lung Association followers. Learn more.
RSV Resources for Adults
October is RSV Awareness Month, and a good time to highlight that upwards of 160,000 adults are hospitalized each year due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Michele D., a member of the Lung Association’s asthma Patient Advisory Group, never expected to be one of them. You can read her story of being hospitalized for six days last December, watch as Dr. Gupta shares prevention tips and learn more at Lung.org/rsv.
Breathe Better with Airgle’s Clean Indoor Air Initiative
For over two decades, Airgle has been dedicated to tackling the issue of poor indoor air quality. They recognize the importance of creating equitable and sustainable solutions to foster the presence of healthy indoor air that we breathe. In support of The American Lung Association's pursuit of clean indoor air and healthy lungs, Airgle is donating up to $100,000 worth of portable air cleaners to individuals with COPD who were adversely impacted by wildfire smoke in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Nebraska as well as Better Breathers Clubs members.