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Christ The King Church

657 Main Street

History :

Christ the King as we know it today has evolved since Catholicism came into the Eastern-most land at the edge of Avoyelles Parish.

In the early 1900's, French and Italian families heard of the rich alluvial soil that bordered the AtchafalayaRiver.Some of these people were farmers and others were merchants, but they had one thing in common.They were practicing Catholics and needed a place to worship.

Bishop Cornelius Van de Ven decided to build a Mission Church on Yellow Bayou.The parishioners purchased the materials and built the church.This Mission was part SacredHeartChurch in Moreauville and a priest was assigned to the Mission.

Transportation was very difficult at this time.Our roads were in deplorable condition.They tore down the MissionChurch and moved to Odenburg where it was rebuilt and named "HolyFamilyChurch," and the pastor was Fr. Bernard Sice.Fr. Sice also had Missions in LeBeau, Melville and Palmetto.

In the 1930's travel was still difficult and sometimes people from Simmesport would walk five miles to church, walking on top of the levee.Children who went to Catechism were taken by horse and buggy and sometimes by fishing boats.

In the meantime, Simmesport was growing.In 1928 the railroad bridge was completed,electricity had been installed and the school had four hundred students.

Parishioners asked Bishop Daniel Desmond to move the church to Simmesport.After some controversy, the Bishop had a benefactor who furnished the money to buy four acres of land and build the church.The only thing the benefactor asked, was for the church to be named "Christ the King."

Bishop Desmond appointed Fr. Vincent Couvillion to be the first pastor of the church.Since that time, our church has grown. Our old church was used until 1964 when Fr. Lawrence Bonin was pastor and built the beautiful church we have today.

We also have a new church hall, CCDBuilding, a renovated rectory, cemetery and four Mausoleums.We have approximately 415 families who attend one of the four Masseson weekends.