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Imani Temple #49

201 E. Willow Street

We are IMANI TEMPLE #49, The Lafayette, Louisiana Province of the African-American Catholic Congregation (AACC) Many African Americans today are searching for a place that cares about them, welcomes them as they are, and helps them to grow.  In other words, they are looking for a place where LOVE IS REAL!  We invite you to "Come and See" and to "Come and Experience" communities where love is real - Imani Temple of the African American Catholic Congregation!

As a Community of Christians who are serious about the business of LOVE, we believe that in serving the needs, hurts and pains of people, God's love is made real.  We are committed to giving people HOPE about the daily problems of life and to affirm people as valuable human beings whom God loves and redeems.

Brothers and Sisters, the AACC is not about "the moment" but about "a movement."  It is not about "a man" but "a mission."  It is furthermore, not about "a messenger" but "the message."  Through the worship of God, we celebrate the "joys" of "overcoming" the pains of life.
We invite you to come and journey to God's kingdom with us!