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LaSalle Primary Health Care Center

2801 Fourth Street


LaSalle Primary Healthcare Center  will deliver the highest quality, most affordable healthcare in a safe and satisfying environment focusing on the needs of each and every patient.


LaSalle Primary Healthcare Center will be a destination for primary care medicine in East Central Louisiana.


 - Access

Creating affordable, available healthcare to anyone who wants it is so much more than building a clinic or adding a new physician.  Actively engaging the patient, providing transportation, intentional and strategic marketing, and community participation is essential to creating successful access points.  We understand our communities need more than buildings and that's why we're here.

 - Continuity

Our providers are uniquely positioned in an integrated health delivery system.  From the clinic to the hospital, to home health, to long term care our providers are interested in helping patients navigate the continuum of care.

 - Wellness

We want our patients out of our hospital beds.  Taking a proactive approach to medicine we are emphasizing preventative healthcare, because we know the money saved by making healthy choices, plus we get a healthy and happy customer...for a whole lot longer!

 - Excellence

We want to be remarkable.  Everything we do, everything we say, we want it to be extraordinary. Our professional staff, our equipment, even our interior design has been selected for excellence. We want patients to know they can stop driving out of town to get the best, most affordable, healthcare available.  We are committed to cultivating a culture of excellence where people consider us to be a destination for medical care.

 - Technology

An integrated electronic health record, telemedicine, digital diagnostic equipment...we're serious about patient safety, high quality, affordable healthcare, and we're ensuring future success through technological advances.  Harnessing the power of the best technology available enables better care.

 - Progressive

We are no longer relying on the old paradigms.  We cannot function, much less succeed with a passive, reactionary business strategy.  We're committed to remain on the cutting-edge finding solutions that provide better more affordable healthcare.