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Reformed Theological Seminary

5422 Clinton Boulevard

About Us:

How you learn will determine how you lead.  At RTS Jackson (known as the Belcher Campus), campus housing fosters a strong community environment for learning and spiritual formation.  Surrounded by other believers, you can process out loud what you're learning.  You can discuss what you hear in classroom lectures at a break, over lunch, or on the basketball court.  The context of community fosters meditation on God's Word.

From a biblical perspective, community is rooted in worship, and the seminary gathers weekly for a special time of worship in chapel.  In addition, the Jackson area boasts a strong contingent of Bible-believing churches which help our students grow spiritually through internships, preaching the circuit, and pulpit supply, giving our students the opportunities to put into practice the skills that they are developing in the classroom.

Our strong community provides a variety of social outlets.  In addition to weekly basketball, volleyball, and soccer on campus, the Student Cabinet organizes monthly events that draw the community together for a time of fellowship.  Mrs. In Ministry provides an avenue for seminary wives to plug into the community through fellowship with other wives.  The Reformed Informer is a weekly publication that informs our students of everything they need to know about Student Life.